Summer and winter activities

Hiking, wildlife watching, skiing or oldtimer races – there is plenty to discover in the Eigenthal valley throughout the year. 

Hiking at Eigenthal

Take a walk with our nature guide Norbert Müller and learn more about the plants and wildlife native to central Switzerland and discover the wild side of the Eigenthal valley. 


Hiking in the snow

Discover the Eigenthal region on snow shoes. Our tour guide Norbert Müller will take you to the most pristine areas. 


Wildlife watching

The Eigenthal is home to many species of wild animals. Together with your tour guide Norbert Müller, you will be able to follow their tracks and watch them in their natural habitat. 


Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing will challenge your balance, coordination and condition and reward you with stunning views! Get on the track with an experienced teacher and make your first steps on our beautiful trails in Eigenthal! 


Road Book

The Eigenthal, in the heart of Switzerland, is the perfect spot to start your tour with an old timer or motorbike. Check out the road book for the most beautiful routes. Enjoy the freedom and a cozy stay in the Hotel Hammer.


Take in the view from our panoramic terrace. Our webcam shows you the Eigenthal valley in real time.